Are We Really That Much More Hungry?


What are those 350 extra calories really doing for us? Most likely, they are stored as fat.

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Looking to Grab a Healthy Snack?

Looking to Grab a Healthy Snack?

Make sure to read labels!

Strawberry Yogurt Breakfast Bar vs Organic Blueberries

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What’s For Breakfast?

Unhealthy vs healthy foods

Ingredients of a Frosted Cake Donut vs Bowl of Oatmeal

It is true what they say, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. People who eat a good breakfast tend to have better weight control and are less likely to overeat throughout the day. After fasting all night, it is important to start your metabolism back up in order to increase and maintain a steady calorie-burning rate throughout the day. Eating a meal full of whole grains and fruit creates a good balance in nutrients and can keep you satisfied longer than a breakfast full of refined sugars and starches.

Eating clean is an important factor in keeping fuel in the metabolic fire to be burning calories all day long. Refined sugars and starches tend to give the metabolism a burst of energy followed by an even lower burning rate than normal, causing the body to become hungry again more quickly than if it were burning calories from a wholesome, clean meal.

Take a look at the difference in a Dunkin Donuts donut and a bowl of Quaker oatmeal, the difference is astounding. The cleaner you eat, the better you will feel due to increase use of your metabolism throughout the day. Next time you are tempted to get a donut try a bowl of oatmeal instead. Adding some fresh fruit  will add natural sweetness in order to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your metabolism to keep you fueled all day long.

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Do You Know How to Read Your Food Labels


Know your nutrition label

Does your doctor keep telling you to eat low fat meals and keep that cholesterol in check? Are you aware of what you are putting in your body? Here is a shortcut to show you how to be aware of what you are putting into your body. Food labels are often overlooked and people are not sure how to interpret them. This simple fix can give you a glimpse into what your food label is really telling you about your food.

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Obesity Declared a Disease

The American Medical Association (AMA) has declared obesity a disease, stirring up awareness and motivation for people to make changes in their lives. This development addresses a pressing issue in more than one-third of Americans and 17% of children. The stakes are high for these folks, and measures must be taken to enhance the lives of people and especially children in order for that 17% of children to change the course of the inevitable and have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.
78 million adults are classified as obese, defining obesity as one of the leaders in diseases across America. Many diseases can be treated or even cured by consuming some medications– obesity is a different story. The existing two medications for obesity have been taken with much hesitation and resistance due to harmful side effects. There is a lack of “easy fixing” when it comes to obesity; it calls for a holistic, lifestyle change in all of those effected.
The AMA is the largest physician’s group in the nation and this declaration has the potential to push physicians across the nation to talk to patients about the improvement of their overall health. Though there are no clear guidelines to what defines a disease, obesity fits the mold of what is known thus far.
This is a promising disclosure about the future of Americans taking accountability for the obesity epidemic ailing so many.

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Make it a Fit Day with Factor P!

Dr. William Morgan of University of Wisconsin-Madison revolutionized the way that people can stay in shape! There is an increasing need for exercise prescription in today’s sedentary culture yet 60% of Americans drop out of exercise programs within the first 6 months of initiation. Dr. Morgan addresses this issue and encourages Americans to change the way that they think about exercise. The push for a more active America can begin with a paradigm shift in the way  that physical activity is approached. “Factor P” introduces exercise as purposeful rather than prescriptive. He hopes that viewing exercise as purposeful will encourage people to integrate physical activity into their daily lives. For example, use your commute to work as a way to achieve a purpose while sustaining physical activity. Gardening, walking the dog, and playing with your kids can all be viewed as purposeful physical activity that can be the key factor in making changes to one’s sedentary lifestyle into a more active and healthy one.

So… What physical activity will you do today that is purposeful and active?!

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Get that heart rate up by doing these everyday activities!

Check out how many calories per hour are burned for a 155 pound person!  There are so many fun ways to burn calories!

Calories Burned Per Hour | Portion Plate

Activities & Calories Burned Per Hour

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