Surviving Holiday Parties

Here at beBetter we are halfway through our Season’s Eatings Challenge.  Season’s Eatings is a 6 week challenge that helps arm you with the survival skills and motivation to get through the holidays without gaining weight.

The average person gains 2-8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  And to make it worse, that weight tends to stay on. So, how can you beat the odds?

Here are some tips from our Seasons Eatings challenge on “How to Survive Holiday Parties”

surviving holiday parties

If you are a guest at a holiday party or meal:

  • Don’t deny yourself the traditional holiday foods you’ve enjoyed since childhood. Enjoy moderate portions of what is being offered. Concentrate on eating slowly and savoring the taste and companionship.
  • Don’t skip meals earlier in the day. You’ll set yourself up to overeat. Eat a small serving of protein before you go to a party so you don’t arrive hungry.
  • At buffets, give yourself permission to taste things that are new or holiday specific. No need to overindulge on everyday foods. (How many times have you tasted potato chips? If you pass, you won’t be missing out on any of the new taste sensations.)

If you are giving a party or hosting a meal:

  • Include foods with healthy fats. Healthy fats (like those found in olive oil, avocados, and nuts) help you feel satiated so you will get full quicker.
  • Incorporate protein-rich foods in your menu. Like healthy fats, protein is satiating. Eating protein also gives your body a bigger metabolic boost than eating carbohydrates because protein takes more energy to digest.
  • Send the leftovers home with your guests. You’ll have less temptation to splurge the following day.

Click here for easy and healthy recipes to serve or bring to your next party.

One final tip:  Enjoy the holiday season!  Remember it’s not about the food, it’s about family, friends, and fellowship!


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