Make it a Fit Day with Factor P!

Dr. William Morgan of University of Wisconsin-Madison revolutionized the way that people can stay in shape! There is an increasing need for exercise prescription in today’s sedentary culture yet 60% of Americans drop out of exercise programs within the first 6 months of initiation. Dr. Morgan addresses this issue and encourages Americans to change the way that they think about exercise. The push for a more active America can begin with a paradigm shift in the way  that physical activity is approached. “Factor P” introduces exercise as purposeful rather than prescriptive. He hopes that viewing exercise as purposeful will encourage people to integrate physical activity into their daily lives. For example, use your commute to work as a way to achieve a purpose while sustaining physical activity. Gardening, walking the dog, and playing with your kids can all be viewed as purposeful physical activity that can be the key factor in making changes to one’s sedentary lifestyle into a more active and healthy one.

So… What physical activity will you do today that is purposeful and active?!


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The Portion Plate Blog is a great place to learn about great tricks on how to eat and be healthier. We believe in simple eating, portion control, and eating more healthy foods.
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